Recognized as an elite, skincare expert with a European background, Agnieszka was introduced to
the basics of proper skincare from an early age. She founded the European Diva Studio in 2011
and enjoys teaching her clients how to maintain a lifestyle of healthy skin preservation. As a
Clinical Master Aesthetician and Certified Aesthetic Consultant, Agnieszka cuts through the noise
of superficial skincare treatments bringing integrative beauty indulgences that achieve flawless

“I want my clients to not only enjoy the benefits of the beauty treatments, but the entire
experience as well. That’s why I take my time with every appointment. And there is never a dull
moment with me and my clients,” says Agnieszka. “I truly enjoy the relationships that I’ve
developed with each and every one of them.”

Praised for giving clients a flawless, radiant glow, Agnieszka provides elite treatments with exact
precision, utilizing industry-leading tools and innovative techniques to deliver optimal results.
Each treatment option provides customized solutions in response to client’s unique skincare
needs. From oxygen and LED treatments to diamond photo abrasion and mesotherapy, Agnieszka
is known for her signature treatment style that rehydrates, regenerates, and rejuvenates skin
revealing a no make-up glow. Agnieszka’s meticulous reputation precedes her and her faithful
clientele includes international and public figures from all over the world.

With an insatiable desire to provide cutting-edge solutions, Agnieszka regularly attends medical
aesthetic symposiums around the country and abroad and continues her education through
ongoing training with elite, world-renown doctors.

A powerful force in the skincare revolution, Agnieszka works closely with naturopathic expert and
co-founder of Rivercreek Wellness, Dr. Julie George, ND, to develop new treatment options that
restore beauty and wellness. With her revolutionary approach to skincare, Agnieszka designs
client-centric programs for long-term skincare maintenance to help clients attain and preserve
the dewy, supple, age-defying skin of their dreams.


-Agnieszka Niczyporuk